My Biggest Skincare Mistake

For a fan of DIY (or non-professional) skin treatments, I really haven’t had too many bad experiences. I waded slowly in to the process of at-home experimenting, and you really can’t do much harm slathering honey on your face, even when you start adding in oats, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I did manage to get some permanent stains on my pillowcase from an attempt to use Vaseline as a heavy duty, overnight moisturizer (did not work), but I’ve mostly managed to avoid doing serious harm to my skin. There’s just one problem.

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Skincare Routine: Take 1

I decided this morning that it was time to face my fear of formatting and break away from my text-only posts by getting some pictures involved! So today’s post is going to be a skincare post, necessitating both pictures of my skin and for me to catch up with the times and learn how to use a blogging platform like a real member of the 21st century. Now, for background, my skin is dry, sensitive, and very acne-prone. My aunt swears by vitamin E cream the same way some people swear that coconut oil has the ability to solve literally every one of life’s problems. During my online research (yes, I’m the type of person that dermatologists probably hate), I read that coconut oil is actually comedogenic, meaning it clogs your pores, meaning it shouldn’t go anywhere near your face. So with that popular option off the table for me, I decided to give my aunt’s recommendation a try.

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My Tonsillectomy Story

I decided to start this post off on the same topic I ended my last post on. My recent tonsillectomy. Ugh. I’m sure in a few months from now I’ll be able to appreciate not having to deal with my tonsils ballooning every time I get so much as a slight cold, but at the moment, I’m not far enough removed from the pain to enjoy the results!

I decided to have my tonsils taken out after having mono this summer and noticing that my tonsils had become even more prone to inflammation and infection. The surgeon warned me that it was quite possibly going to be the worst pain of my life, but I figured that after 20 years of dealing with throat pain, I could handle it (spoiler: I could not, in fact, handle it)(at least not very well).

Below is a day-by-day walkthrough of my experience with the surgery! If you’re just looking for advice, my next post will be a list of my tips and tips I’ve seen pop up a few times online!

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An Aspirational Introduction

In this day and age, I’m sure we all know that it’s a bad idea to compare yourself to people online. What people post tends to be a selective highlight reel, showing off their best moments as opposed to less photo-worthy everyday realities and creating the appearance of a life which is unrealistically perfect. Now that being said, I’m starting this blog to catalogue my efforts to create a “blog-worthy” life for myself. I’m not expecting to be able to build a life that measures up to the carefully edited ones you tend to see on popular fitness/travel/lifestyle/etc. blogs, but just one that brings me joy and allows me to develop into a better version of myself. I’ll freely admit that I’m a person with a lot of room for improvement, and I don’t want to hide the uglier parts of my life as I work through some serious self-development. I also have a lot to be grateful for, and I want this blog to help me remember that.

On that note, I should probably stop writing this and go back to working on note-taking and reading. I’m a third-year English major who just took two weeks off for a tonsillectomy, and I have a whole lot of catching up to do. Wish me luck!