Skincare Update #1

I’ve now been using vitamin E cream for two weeks, in an attempt to heal up some super dry patches and redness I’ve been experiencing as a result of stress and Canadian winter air. This post is a quick update on how my skin is doing and what my thoughts are on how vitamin E cream has been working for me.


Not bad! All of my scaly patches are gone, and I’ve noticed a decrease in overall redness. Has it helped heal up any blemishes? Not so much. That being said, if I ever find a product that heals spots, evens skin tone, and intensely hydrates, all within the space of two weeks, I’ll get a tattoo in honour of it.

I originally used the cream at night, but I quickly started using during the day as well, so I can report that it works very well under makeup. It leaves me with a nice, glow-y look, though bear in mind that I do have very dry skin.

So overall, I’m happy with it. It doesn’t seem to be the absolute miracle cure that my aunt claims it is, but again, I have only been using it for half a month. I’ll continue to post updates about it, as it claims to have effects that will take longer to notice, such as lessening the appearance of scars.



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