Skincare Routine: Take 1

I decided this morning that it was time to face my fear of formatting and break away from my text-only posts by getting some pictures involved! So today’s post is going to be a skincare post, necessitating both pictures of my skin and for me to catch up with the times and learn how to use a blogging platform like a real member of the 21st century. Now, for background, my skin is dry, sensitive, and very acne-prone. My aunt swears by vitamin E cream the same way some people swear that coconut oil has the ability to solve literally every one of life’s problems. During my online research (yes, I’m the type of person that dermatologists probably hate), I read that coconut oil is actually comedogenic, meaning it clogs your pores, meaning it shouldn’t go anywhere near your face. So with that popular option off the table for me, I decided to give my aunt’s recommendation a try.

Below is a picture of my face when my skin is at its very best, with one sheer coat of foundation. It’s also my new avatar/profile picture!


Next, we have me looking grumpy because, after a super stressful few weeks, my skin had big, dry, scaly patches, AND I was breaking out. Please also take a moment to appreciate my attempts to distract from my skin by way of a well-executed cat eye (no foundation or concealer though!), and to note that this picture doesn’t fully capture how red and scaly my skin really was.



And finally, we have me, 6 days later. Still with no skin-makeup on.


The last 5 days, I’ve been using my usual Cetaphil cleanser and vitamin E cream, and I’m cautiously optimistic! Some spots have healed up, and the redness and flakiness have definitely gone down. I did have one pimple make an emphatic appearance on my cheek and I do still have dry patches, but they’re less visible. I really love the feel of the cream, too. It looks very thick, but my frugal little soul is happy about that, because it means I only need a little bit to cover my whole face. Over time, I will supposedly notice an increase in suppleness and elasticity, as well as improved hydration and skin tone, according to Jamieson. According to my aunt, it will also help any marks on my face heal without scarring. Here’s hoping they’re both right! If anyone has experience with using vitamin E cream, let me know how it worked for you!



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